Peru – Day 6

Peru – Day 6

Today, we slept in till about 10am and really rested our body. I woke up to the beautiful sky beaming through the top windows of our tree house hotel room. It was a pleasant way to wake up. Since we decided to have a lazy day, we sat out on the balcony for a few hours reading about attractions in the area and at times, simply staring at the mountain across the way and talking about the adventures of the past few days. At 12:30pm, we went downstairs to talk to our host about walking to a waterfall. She knew where it was and said it was worth the experience but she didn’t know the best route to get there, and suggested we pass by the visitors center to inquire about the route.

It started to sprinkle outside so we had lunch at the hotel’s restaurant to wait out the rain. The picture doesn’t show the rain that well but the video showing the downpour won’t load onto my blog at the moment. Our host recommended the Kushi Ribs entree and the Fig Cake dessert. We ordered those two as well as the Trucha Carpaccio and Pisco Sours. The meal was our favorite on this trip and the Pisco Sours were the best we’ve ever had. We ended up recommending the drink to the table next to us and they agreed it was the best they’ve had too. The ambience of The Tree House Restaurant gives you a woodsy, calm feeling and their decor is modern and contemporary. They also played a mix of good music from recent top hits to old hits such as songs by the Beatles. It looked like mostly tourists ate at the restaurant even though it’s off the beaten path and one has to walk up many, many steps. And even then, the tables were pretty full whenever we looked in and they were completely full when we ate lunch there today.

During lunch, the rain started to pour and my friend wanted to take a nap. The sound of rain is always soothing and makes for a nice nap. I sat out on the hotel balcony writing on my blog and reading watching the rain fall. We had to cancel our plans to walk to the waterfall.

In the evening, we headed out to the market stalls to peruse the wares for sale. Being a cold August night, I layered on clothes and wore a hat and gloves for our walk. We were surprised by the amount of variety of goods they had to sell from sweaters to mirrors, and wallets, and shoes. The prices were still pretty reasonable though higher than at the market stalls at Ollantaytambo. Since the Aguas Calientes market had more variety, we shopped a bit there and my friend purchased a nice alpaca sweater for 60 Soles ($20 USD) and I bought a gift to bring back home.

After shopping was done, we ate at Amazonas Chinese Restaurant again so that I could try their Rotisserie Chicken and my friend tried their combo meal of Wonton Soup Noodles which had no wontons and their Combinacion plate. We thought the Combinacion was Mixed Meat with Vegetables but it was actually Spaghetti with Chicken and Vegetables with a side of Fried Rice. Everything was tasty again though the service also sucked again. They are just really rude there but whatever, our meal was delicious and cost us only 33 Soles ($11 USD). It was busy tonight just as it was last night, full of locals. With our bellies satisfied, we went for a walk around the city. Surprisingly there were many empty restaurants for being one of their busiest tourist months.

We found this restaurant by accident last night because we got lost and overshot the road to our hotel. To get to Amazonas, you walk Northeast (direction away from both the train station and Machu Picchu) on the main road following the river Rio Aguas Calientes and turn left under the orange bridge (third one) on the road called Yawar Huaca. The road name doesn’t really matter because you should see the restaurant on the corner as soon as you turn left onto the ramp.

Eat Well Travel Often as the motto stated in The Tree House Restaurant.