Artichoke Run Pescadero 2023 Weekend

Artichoke Run Pescadero 2023 Weekend

The Artichoke Run in Pescadero wasn’t a great experience but I think both the organizers and the actual runners were very friendly and supportive. The race course had really bad signage or no signage at all at forks in the road. About a mile or so into the course, the little wood sign said “All Runners” in red font with an arrow pointing left while the chalk on the ground pointed right. Many runners were ahead of me and I saw them turn right but two other runners went straight. I stopped for other runners to catch up to me and we all decided to go straight which turned out to be wrong. I’m so glad another runner and I decided to stick together. About 1.5 to 2 miles up a windy course, I tried calling my husband but didn’t have cell reception and neither did she. Luckily, he realized that I was lost or injured when he didn’t see me at the first water station, so he drove up to find me. I was so happy to see his car pull over on the side of the road. He already informed the race organizers that we were lost and he’d find us. Following his hazard lights, we ran towards the planned route back to the first split and continued on the actual course. My husband would drive ahead with my son ringing his cow bell out the window, and they’d return tell us which way to turn because of the lack of good signage. Apparently other runners found their way because my husband helped them too. It was definitely a nerve racking and memorable way to round out my fifth race in 35 days.

The area is great for a run. The temperature is moderate and it’s a peaceful run in nature. We had a great weekend down in Half Moon Bay and would recommend it for a weekend stay.

The Itinerary


  • Brunch at La Costanera – The meal was fabulous in their outdoor patio! Yummy food and cocktails. Read my Yelp review of La Costanera.
  • Walked through The Village
  • Walked by Duarte’s Tavern in Pescadero – Apparently it’s a landmark in town
  • Picked up my bib
  • Shopped at the Thrift Store and browsed the Antiques Shop around the area
  • Visited the goats – They are SO CUTE!!! Go visit them.
  • Walked around Downtown Half Moon Bay and got a cup of coffee
  • Checked into the Half Moon Bay Lodge – It’s a really cute hotel with a game room, piano, and hot tub, plus free bike rentals.
  • Dinner at Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay – The food is SOOOOO good here and they make their own gluten free pasta and pizza. Everything was fantastic! Read my Yelp review of Pasta Moon.
  • Hung out in the hot tub then lit a fire in the in-room firepit