National Teen Leadership Program

In my effort to live and give, I dedicate a good portion of my free time volunteering with the National Teen Leadership Program (, an organization that hosts three-day leadership camps for high school aged teens to inspire and motivate them to become leaders. NTLP is open to all because we believe anyone can lead and they need encouragement and support to prepare them to change the world.

The camps include motivational speakers, workshops and interactive group sessions. When I was in high school, I attended the camp and staffed many years as a camp counselor. Through the program, I met many great people who inspired me to lead, promote teamwork and diversity and give back to my community. Almost two decades later, NTLP still plays an important role in my life and now I’m serving on their Board of Directors.

NTLP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we rely solely on the generosity of others in the community. Please support this very noble cause by donating at

Lotus Bloom Family Resource Center

Additionally, I support my cousin’s cause, Lotus Bloom Family Resource Center ( I maintain their website and provide technical support when needed. Lotus Bloom was founded on the premise that all children should have access to education. Angela Louie Howard, the Founder and Executive Director heard some astounding statistics at a neighborhood meeting and decided to do something to make a change.

“Eighty-six percent of the third graders were not reading and testing at grade level,” Howard remembered. “That was due to kids who were coming into kindergarten with no previous early learning or preschool background.”

Lotus Bloom now has five Oakland centers serving 300 children. They provide low-cost childhood programs, playgroups and literacy activities to high-needs neighborhoods in Oakland. Their programs exist entirely on donations from individuals and grants. Please donate at