As of March 2014, we’ve hit four of the seven continents so far. We have plans to visit the others but maybe not Antarctica.

We think we’re extremely lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area because we have access to the most beautiful places in the world within an hour North, East and South of where we live. Technically, this statement is true even West of us because we can take a boat to go deep sea fishing and enjoy the scenery out by the Farallon Islands.

Our favorite trip is probably spending 10 days in Italy but our recent 14 day trip to Singapore and Malaysia was fantastic as well. We think 10 to 14 days is enough time away and three day trips are short and sweet so as you venture with us, you can follow us on our long weekend trips. Everyone should plan long weekend trips once a month or every other to stay energized and/or to get recharged.

Enjoy and Safe Travels!