Packing 101: New Orleans Spring Time


If you’re going to Jazz Fest in New Orleans or anytime in the Spring or Fall, here’s a list of what to pack so you have the right items for the heat and air conditioning and the multitude of activities you’ll most likely partake in. Also, I specifically said Spring or Fall because you’d be crazy to visit New Orleans (NOLA) in the Summertime. My husband moved away from NOLA and has vowed never to return between mid-June and the end of August. Spring time offers the best weather in NOLA.


  1. Clothes for the sun (tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, summer dress, capris pants, etc.) – I prefer to to wear summer dresses because they are cute and are easy for the port-a-potty should you visit one
  2. Outfits for your nice evening dinners including a dress or a LBD (little black dress) which is always a winner, cute tops and jeans, button downs and jeans/khakis plus jacket if required
  3. Nice dress for girls, jacket, button down and slacks/jeans for the dudes for Sunday brunch, basically what I’ve learned to be “dress in your Sunday best”
  4. Sweater/wrap/sweatshirt/light jacket – It can get cool at night and the air conditioning in some restaurants and bars will be blasting cold air
  5. Hat or visor for the sun
  6. Sunglasses, also for the sun but will hide the puffiness and/or dark circles under your eyes from all the salt, booze and lack of sleep
  7. Beach towel or a thin blanket to sit on at the fest if you’re attending a festival such as Jazz Fest
  8. Sunblock speaks for itself but get SPF 30 or higher (doctor’s recommendation)
  9. Pre-moistened wipes because you may want to wipe off from the humidity (it might not be that bad, but it’s nice to have wipes)
  10. Flip flop, flats, or walking shoes for festival and walking and nice shoes for going out

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