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Changing My Last Name

A friend recently asked me about the thoughts that went through my head as I was considering last name options when I got married. Many others had asked me why…Read more


When I'm feeling down or under the weather, I like to eat pho noodle soup. Pho is my version of American chicken noodle soup, only better. With pho, there are…Read more
Chinatown Pub Crawl

Chinatown Pub Crawl

Steve and I got married at Four Seas years ago and we're very sad to hear they announced their closure at the end of the Summer. Four Seas Restaurant, well…Read more

Selfies in Singapore & Malaysia

We walked all over Singapore and Malaysia exploring the attractions, taking selfies in front of the sights and eating lots of food. Our camera works really well for selfies and…Read more

I’m Only Half Crazy

Woo hoo...I never thought I'd run a half marathon, let alone three and I even improved my time! 2:44:45 first half run - Shamrock'n 2013 2:27:24 second half run -…Read more
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